Thursday, 13 September 2012

Week 10, Semester 2

This week I spent time modelling more assets for my environment, as well as texturing my Hut with the techinques taught through a PDF tutorial in 3DS MAX. I also began constructing a basic watch tower and a small hovel.

Later on in the week I began constructing temples which are noted in my blueprint. The design for these buildings will heavily reflect upon the famous Mayan temples. Below are several references images I will use for my design.

Earlier this week I posted a model of a log, here is the final product, textured and ready to be imported.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Week 9, Semester 2

This week I began constructing assets in 3DS MAX for my tropical environment. Assets include wooden tribal structures (Where noted on my blueprint), logs, vines, huts and other various elements related to Papua New Guinea.


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Week 8, Semester 2.

This week I continued working on my environment, adjusting the terrain to look more like a natural landscape, using the reference images I sourced from various books from PNG Mining texts.
A mixture of ferns, weeds and grass were also chosen, again, emphasizing the tropical look of the environment, as well as avoiding repetition of grass blades across planes and hills.

Below are many images of structures constructed by the native peopl of Papua New Guinea. Many of the assets that I will construct in 3DSMAX will be based upon these nomadic builings.