Saturday, 21 July 2012

Week 2, Semester 2.

Today we began exploring a little more of Unity's capabilities, as well as working on our home work task, creating a small first person shooter level/environment. Moving on from Unity, we started using several tools in 3DS Max to control foot step animation from bipeds (human skeleton).

Naturally we got stuck into C#, learning how to program calculations. Later on in the lesson we switched to Unity, focusing more on applying the scrips we wrote in C# to assets in Unity, such as creating cubes, moving, timer events etc. We were given a homework task, which involved programing a bucked to move left and write whilst catching eggs that fell from the sky.... Practical.

Occupation health & safety! Policy documents etc... For the first part of the day anyway, which was actually pretty interesting. At the end of the class we were taught how to pan audio in adobe soundbooth. Later on in the afternoon we had our visual design class which we spent working on our assignments and in the library looking for books.

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