Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week 3, Semester 2.

We recieved our Game Play Design assignment, which looks pretty exciting. We are tasked to produce a game idea and central theme, as well as write 3 character descriptions, create a virtual environment, produce thumbnails and sketches etc.

I have decided to draw inspiration from the cultures and lifestyles from the people in Papua New Guinea.

We recieved our next assignment, a text based interactive story which I completed during the lesson and continued to work on throughout the week. We were also tasked with another assignment, building a short game with the code we learnt during class. I have decided to build a game which involves dodging fireballs falling from the sky, as you play a highly fire intolerable scare scrow.

Similar to last week, I worked on my visual design assignment as well as our policy document, work booklets and other documents for OH&S. We also practiced panning audio, as well as looking at the audio assignment which involves putting audio to a Star Wars animation clip.

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