Saturday, 4 August 2012

Week 4, Semester 2.

This week I conducted more research on Papua New Guinea, sourcing the internet as well as mining text books which were supplied from my Father, involving the pipeline project in PNG, as well as a basic overview of the island and its people.

Papua New Guinea:
Papua New Guinea has been built on the eastern end of an island just north of Australia. These people have seen tens of thousands of years of continuous human occupation. Papua New Guinea has been called the ‘Last Unknown’, fist settled by the Europeans in 1526. Around 1,000 localised languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea, according to credible linguists.  The main island of Papua New Guinea is the second largest in the world. The multiplicity of tongues and cultures reflect the harsh facts of geography, high mountains, deep valleys, dense jungles, broad rivers which hindered communication.


Started our next programming assessment, a random number generator. We also recieved more tutorials to cover from now until next Tuesday.

As per usual, we started more OH&S assessment, and moved on to our audio assessment. I began with editing engine sounds for the space crafts and jet featured in the video.

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