Saturday, 25 August 2012

Week 7, Semester 2

Week 7

This week we went through the procedures of using a terrain package which we imported into unity. We spent the lesson learning how to use its tools, which involved generating landscapes from a list of specific settings. After getting comfortable with this terrain package, I began incorporating what we had learned with the blueprint of my level. Below is my progress so far. 

I selected a combination of various palm and bamboo trees to paint across the terrain. Being a tropical island, these types of trees are relevant to the environment. Tall, thick rain forest trees have also been placed in areas around the central points of the island, furthest from the coast line. PNG hosts many trees across its mainland, including Acacia Auriculiformis and Alstonia Scholaris, commonly known as Blackboard tree, which are represented by the larger, thicker trees mention earlier which have been placed around the more central areas of the island.

                       Alstonia Scholaris                       Acacia Auriculiformis

A mixture of ferns, weeds and grass were also chosen, again, emphasizing the tropical look of the environment, as well as avoiding repetition of grass blades across planes and hills.

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