Saturday, 13 October 2012

Week 13, Semester 2

This week I began painting grass across the terrain. I am in the process of blending in weeds, ferns, and two different types of grass. Tree placement will also be improved, as I have started to remove trees further towards the peaks of mountains and steep hills, whilst increasing the density of palm trees and bamboo across flatter, even parts of the land. This week I also completed my watch tower, finishing its textures, shown below.

I also updated the straw texture for the roof, of my hovels. I feel this texture better represents the straw roofing found on buildings in Papua New Guinea.

I also found that as I exported assets in the file format FBX, models would lose their textures and fail to import correctly. I decided to experiment with the file format OBJ, which has solved many of the issues that occurred whilst importing FBX files into Unity. I also began modelling and texturing various stones and boulders, which are currently being scattered throughout the map. Stones will be placed across the main path the player is advised to follow, whilst the larger boulders will be placed around the bottom of steep mountains.



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