Monday, 22 October 2012

Week 15, Semester 2

This week I began constructing a temple for the final objective. Here is a render of the untextured model, by the end of this week I am to have this model completely textured and UVW Mapped. This week was also spent improving and reviewing the asset lists, as well as blueprints to better explain the layout of the environment.

Rocks and boulders have been placed around the Temples, separating the models from their straight, rigid form.
The terrain has been darkened around buildings, which include painted trails leading to and from hovels, campfires, and other structures. Naturally, the grass would wear away where human activity is most prominent.

This waterfall has been created toward the final check points, as a river leads down into the water by the final checkpoints. Several boulders have been positioned where the water spills from the cliff, separating the water as it falls. Screen shot provided below.

Towards to end of this week, this last Temple that will be used for my final objective has been fully textured and ready to be imported.

To complete the final temple, a torch was modeled, and a basic fire particle effect was applied to the center of the bowl. Here are the clay and textured renders.

To finish of the placement of the final temple, large rocks and boulders were scattered around the perimeter of the temple.

Here is the final product, a birds eye view of the environment. Ambiance sounds have also been added. A mixture of jungle ambiance tracks have been applied to the First Person Controller, fire to the campfires, recording of a light stream to the water, as well as a recording of a waterfall to the WaterFall particle effects.

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