Sunday, 14 October 2012

Week 14, Semester.

More assets were modeled this week, including a Sun shade structure and a basic bamboo fence. This week I will model a small nomadic port, as well as several boats and structures to fit that environment. Below is the sun shade structure.

Below is the bamboo fence.


Second Structure

Later this week I also discovered a solution to the 2 sided textures rending invisible in Unity. For example, I would create a plane, extrude the center edge to form a basic roof, apply a texture and tick 2 sided. However when exported as either an FBX or an OBJ file and imported into Unity, the second side of the texture wouldn't render, leaving one side of the model invisible and the other not. The quick solution to this was to duplicate the plane, and apply a Normal modifier and tick flip normal, all accomplished in 3DS MAX.

At the end of this week I modeled a campfire in 3DS MAX, which has been imported into Unity as an OBJ file format. I have also applied a particle effect to the center log, which involves a fire and smoke effect.

 Here is the clay render

Here is the textured render

Here is the asset imported into Unity.

Saturday I improved the model of the boats, giving the interior some thickness as I extruded the polygons.

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