Sunday, 28 October 2012

Week 16, Semester 2


Upon completing my tropical environment, there were a few areas that could have been improved.

Adding taller, thicker bushes would increae the variaty of grass, weeds and ferns already in place. This would also reduce the repetiveness of height as each blade of grass, weed and fern stand at the same length. The textures painted across the island, especially across many of the hills and valleys could have been improved. The grass texture which was used, becomes very repetitive and detracts from promoting a natural looking environment. Increasing the number of organic and natural assets placed around the map, such as coconuts, fallen bamboo and sticks, could have been improved aswell. Towards the last few objectives, tree placement becomes a little scarce, especially towards hills in the background.

 I would have liked to improve tree placement in those areas, as well as increasing the variaty of assets placed throughout the water and water falls. Adding models which represent coral, leaves, seaweed, and other underwater vegetation would assist immersing the player in the environment. The temples are very rigid and straight, these models could be improved by breaking down the rock and adding overgrown grass and vines. Paying more attention to the smaller details, such as scattering animal bones, eating utensiles, tools and other signs of human pressence around the villages would improve the natural appeal. Painting darker grass and dirt textures around the base of huts and other structures would create a sense of human pressence.

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